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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


  • Arrive at school in time and join the morning assembly.
  • Wear clean and proper dress.
  • Display your ID card while at school.
  • Use English while in school premises.
  • Remain quiet and maintain discipline in the classroom.
  • Stand up and greet with salam when teachers enter the classroom.
  • While in sport class and during the tiffin time play without hurting anybody
  • Keep the campus clean and tidy.
  • Follow instructions of health and hygiene.
  • Remain polite and modest in conduct and behavior.


  • Don't damage any properties of the school.
  • Don't bring any valuables in the classes.
  • Don't speak Bangla except in Bangla class.
  • Don't use filthy words or indecent language.
  • Don't play or run in the corridor during the Tiffin hour.
  • Don't litter here and there; use waste paper baskets.
  • Don't make noise in the classroom.
  • Don't come out of the classroom during class hours.

The administration and teachers of ELSK believe that, students commit themselves to learning, accepting responsibility for their work and their behavior. Our goal is to instill qualities such as common courtesy, manners, respect for others, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability.

We expect students to behave responsibly, recognizing the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secure and to pursue their own learning without interference. The ELSK administration, teachers and parents need to work together to help children to respect rules. Teachers and parents have a tremendous positive influence when setting clearly defined limits, providing appropriate consequences for behavior.